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    28 Comic-Con Couples Who Totally Nailed This Cosplay Thing

    These costumes took some serious work, and I am impressed!

    1. Cyclops and Mystique understand the importance of posing in character.

    Erin La Rosa

    2. These Tetris pieces fit perfectly together.

    3. The Tin Lady and Scarecrow upstaged the original film versions.

    Erin La Rosa

    4. The Doctor and his TARDIS went the extra mile with the homemade dress.

    Erin La Rosa

    Can this girl start an Etsy store, or something?!

    5. Lady Sif and (Lady) Loki barely broke a sweat, even though they're mid fight.

    Erin La Rosa

    6. Mystique and Emma Frost painted their love for X-Men on their faces.

    Erin La Rosa

    7. Harley Quinn and the Green Arrow are actually getting along for a change.

    Erin La Rosa

    8. Anyone shipping Lord Baelish and Melisandre?

    These two are.

    9. The Assassins Brotherhood came with knives that popped out of their hands ... scary and awesome.

    Erin La Rosa

    10. Dalek's attention to detail, matched with The Doctor's screwdriver is perfection.

    11. A Cobra Commander and Cobra Trooper teamed up to intimidate.

    Erin La Rosa

    12. Mary Poppins and Bert flew in for a visit!

    Erin La Rosa

    13. Chun-Li was all Street Fighter, while Cammy flaunted her signature side bum.

    14. These Harajuku Sailor Galaxy Girls flashed their adorable peace signs.

    15. The King and most importantly QUEEN of hearts looked positively regal.

    Erin La Rosa

    16. This steampunk duo looks ready for some epic safari.

    Erin La Rosa

    17. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Catwoman and Batman, looking badass!

    18. Bioshock, anyone?

    Erin La Rosa

    Behind that big helmet is Big Sister, accompanied by a Splicer.

    19. Han Solo and the Mad Max version of Boba Fett got cozy, in a totally awesome way.

    20. The winners for best horns go to Eridan and Kanaya from Homestuck.

    Erin La Rosa

    21. This Quarian couple from Mass Effect spared no expense in the weapon department.

    Erin La Rosa

    Dang, bro, you got the biggest gun around, huh?

    22. Chell and GLaDOS came down to earth.

    23. These two neo-steampunkers brought the 1880s back.

    24. Lady Trekkies showed us the trouble with Tribbles.

    25. Tonks and Sirius taught us Defense Against The Cosplay Arts.

    26. Poison Ivy and The Joker ... WHY SO SERIOUS?

    27. The Twins from The Shining are actually the cutest freaks ever.

    28. LEGO my Star Wars Eggo!