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21 Cats Who Are Totally Empowered By Their Halloween Costumes

Happy Hall-Meoween!

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1. "Do you even read, bro?"

2. "I AM A FUCKING GHOST, BACK THE FUCK OFF... But drop the treats you're carrying here first."

3. "Come nightfall you, nay, this city, will be helpless to defend themselves. And me? I'll be knee-deep in blood and eternal life."

4. "No, I can't come out tonight, I'm busy. You may know his name... Hugh? Yes, as in Hefner. I'm Miss October."

5. "My God, they're right, you really can never be too rich."

6. "Dinosaurs are carnivores. Not sure if you find that so funny..."

7. "Ugh, where's a white wine spritzer to throw in someone's face when you need it?"

8. "I am a pumpkin AND a flower AND a cat, is there no single cuter thing in this world? No, there's not. I'm the cutest."

10. "You think a clown is something to laugh at, do you? Well, we'll see who's laughing when I pull a hairball out of my hat!"

11. "I may be small, but my fangs are sharp."

12. "I literally will never stop looking at myself, because there is nothing that tops this."

13. "Oh, this chair? You want to sit on THIS. CHAIR? Well, let me clarify: This is my throne now, and you'll bow to your queen, sir."

14. "My name? Well, some have called me Beelzebub, others Lucifer, but you may call me the Owner of Your Soul."

15. "Look, yes, I took your rum, but I'm a pirate... that's just what we DO."

16. "Yes, Elvis HAS left the building, and now he's going to take a nap. So get out."

17. "Try not to get me food. Do or do not. There is no try."

18. "Maybe I'll never escape the paparazzi. Maybe they'll always want my photo. For now, I dare to dream of a world where I'm not the most famous person alive."

19. "Me. Saving the world falls on ME." ::: gulp ::: "I'm the hero this world needs."

20. "My people have raided and conquered villages across Europe. What have you ever done for this world?"

21. "Bats are nocturnal, you know... Sleep well."

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