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    Carrie Fisher's French Bulldog Will Brighten Your Day

    Like mommy, like Frenchie.

    This is Gary, a French bulldog with a tongue for dayssss.

    His owner also happens to be the incomparable Carrie Fisher.

    The two are so close, that sometimes people get them confused.

    But make no mistake, Gary is his own pup, and he's got just the right amount of attitude to brighten anyone's day.

    Need a pick-me-up? No problem, Gary will meet you at the poolside cabana.

    And when you least expect it, Gary will just show up with a smile to brighten your day.

    The other great thing about Gary is that his interests are so varied, like lounging in the sun.

    Posing for selfies with his bae.

    And partaking in a good girls' night out.

    Oh, you just want to hang on the couch with some Netflix? Gary is ALREADY ON IT.

    Or you want to talk out your quarter-life crisis? Gary's not only there for you, but he'll bring backup so you get multiple opinions.

    On top of all of Gary's already outstanding qualities, there's THE TONGUE.

    Gary's glorious tongue.

    If this is what we all see right before we die, then we've all lived truly amazing lives.

    In the words of Queen Carrie: