Can You Guess The Shirtless "Teen Wolf" Stud?

Changing into a wolf is a great excuse to take off your shirt, apparently. Can’t wait for the next full moon!

  1. 1. Which wolf man is letting it all hang out in the locker room?
    1. Scott
    2. Derek
    3. Jackson
  2. 2. Who should teach a course in Pectology 101?
    1. Professor Isaac.
    2. Professor Derek.
    3. Professor Danny.
  3. 3. Who looks a little cold without his shirt?
    1. Matt… but let’s keep him cold.
    2. Jackson is cold as ice!
    3. Scott, and I like it.
  4. 4. Which wolf do you want to get lost in the woods with?
    1. Those arms are Scott’s!
    2. I bet that’s Jackson, and I want him to wrap ‘em around me.
    3. Good gravy, those arms are Danny’s!
  5. 5. Can you guess who's shirtless after practice?
    1. That’s Matt!
    2. Those abs can only be Stiles.
    3. I know Danny when I see him.
  6. 6. Who are these two gents?!
    1. Stiles and Derek, obvi.
    2. Ethan and Aiden, duhhhh.
    3. Derek and Scott travel in packs…
  7. 7. Who is so hot that he can't lift his own beauty?
    1. D-D-D-Derek!
    2. M-M-M-Matt!
    3. S-S-S-Stiles!
  8. 8. Who's getting down and dirty without a shirt?!
    1. Brian!
    2. Matt!
    3. Scott!
  9. 9. Who is Stiles so mesmerized by?
    1. His true love, Derek.
    2. His boy crush, Scott.
    3. His nemesis, Jackson.
  10. 10. Which piece of man meat doubles as a space heater?
    1. Derek!
    2. Matt!
    3. Brian!
  11. 11. Can you guess which hottie needs a chest exam?
    1. Looks like Danny needs a little healing… and I’m just the person to help him.
    2. I’ll give Jackson a RX.
    3. There’s no fixing the hotness that is Scott.
  12. 12. Which "Teen Wolf" star is best dressed in nothing at all?
    1. Sounds like an honor best given to Scott.
    2. I award that title to Derek.
    3. Looks like Jackson’s about to be an award winner!
  13. 13. Who needs a good scrub?!
    1. Jackson needs a good rub down.
    2. I’ll scrub every inch of Brian.
    3. I’ve got my loofah ready for Scott.

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