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31 Brides Who Absolutely Rocked Short Hair On Their Wedding Day

Sings: Here comes the bride, nailing it with a pixie cut...

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Andrew Richard / Via BuzzFeed

1. Thinking of short hair for your wedding day? You should, it's totally gorgeous. / Via Tim and Merrill Melideos

2. A birdcage veil perfectly accents short waves.

Lissa Chandler / Via

3. Or you can keep it simple, with a chic updo and jewel accents.

Leila Jacue & David Leon / / Via

4. Beach waves and a bob? Flawless.

Jen Lauren Grant / Via

5. A swanky pixie cut? Perfection.

6. You can keep things classic with a little curl.

7. Or a lot of curl.

8. Whatever you do, veils and short hair are a thing of natural beauty. / Via Luna Bea Bride

9. And if you want a more edgy vibe, there's nothing better than a wedding mohawk.

Julie Wilmes Photography / Via

10. You can top your chin-length waves with a stunning flower crown. / Via Jamie Dana

11. But flower crowns really work beautifully on any type of short 'do.

Niidjarbeng Lightville / Via Instagram: @niidjarbeng_lightville

12. A bejeweled headband can give you a retro Hollywood vibe. / Via Anna Newell Jones +Aaron Jones /

13. But ringlets can do that just as easily!

14. Wearing a traditional veil with short hair makes you look so wonderfully bridal. / Via / Bola Ososami

15. But if you prefer a more delicate birdcage, those are also oh-so-sweet.

And a great DIY on how to get the look. / Via Vivian Chen

16. Don't be afraid of a bold hue on your wedding day 'do.

17. Or a pop of color with your headband. / Via Mike Peyzner and Nat Valik

18. A few simple flowers are the perfect accent to what's already naturally gorgeous.

Lavinia Lawson / Via

19. You can show off your lovely face with a shorter style.

20. And let your personality shine through. / Via / Liesl Henrichsen

21. Shorter wedding hair means you can go all out with the accessories. / Via / Liesl Henrichsen

22. And really flaunt your own personal style through them.

© Katherine O’Brien Photography / Via

23. Or keep things simple and chic. / Via / Liesl Henrichsen

24. Which is the great thing about short hair on your wedding day...

Helena and Laurent Photography / Via

25. ...You don't need to worry about an updo if you don't want to.

Helena and Laurent Photography / Via

26. Just because your hair is shorter doesn't mean you're ever going to run out of styling options. / Via / Will Sterling

27. Or accessories, for that matter!

Instagram: @erinerinevents / Via / Alex Souza / erinerinevents

28. Your hair will be spectacular no matter what style you decide on.

29. And uniquely you!

Helena and Laurent Photography / Via

30. So go ahead, embrace short hair for your wedding day.

Nicolas Bloise / Via

31. It truly is a showstopper. / Via Rebecca Fishman

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