31 Brides Who Absolutely Rocked Short Hair On Their Wedding Day

    Sings: Here comes the bride, nailing it with a pixie cut...

    1. Thinking of short hair for your wedding day? You should, it's totally gorgeous.

    2. A birdcage veil perfectly accents short waves.

    3. Or you can keep it simple, with a chic updo and jewel accents.

    4. Beach waves and a bob? Flawless.

    5. A swanky pixie cut? Perfection.

    6. You can keep things classic with a little curl.

    7. Or a lot of curl.

    8. Whatever you do, veils and short hair are a thing of natural beauty.

    9. And if you want a more edgy vibe, there's nothing better than a wedding mohawk.

    10. You can top your chin-length waves with a stunning flower crown.

    11. But flower crowns really work beautifully on any type of short 'do.

    12. A bejeweled headband can give you a retro Hollywood vibe.

    13. But ringlets can do that just as easily!

    14. Wearing a traditional veil with short hair makes you look so wonderfully bridal.

    15. But if you prefer a more delicate birdcage, those are also oh-so-sweet.

    16. Don't be afraid of a bold hue on your wedding day 'do.

    17. Or a pop of color with your headband.

    18. A few simple flowers are the perfect accent to what's already naturally gorgeous.

    19. You can show off your lovely face with a shorter style.

    20. And let your personality shine through.

    21. Shorter wedding hair means you can go all out with the accessories.

    22. And really flaunt your own personal style through them.

    23. Or keep things simple and chic.

    24. Which is the great thing about short hair on your wedding day...

    25. ...You don't need to worry about an updo if you don't want to.

    26. Just because your hair is shorter doesn't mean you're ever going to run out of styling options.

    27. Or accessories, for that matter!

    28. Your hair will be spectacular no matter what style you decide on.

    29. And uniquely you!

    30. So go ahead, embrace short hair for your wedding day.

    31. It truly is a showstopper.