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23 Awkward Bra Moments Every Girl Knows Too Well

More underwire, more problems.

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1. The moment when you feel a sharp stab to your side, and realize that yes, your underwire has betrayed you.


2. Anytime you want to wear a backless anything, and know it's either Let Your Bra Show OR Let Your Nipples Flow.

Do my boobs jiggle too much? Oh... yeah, OK, let the bra show. :(

3. One of these guys going rogue and having to try to shove them back into the bra.

4. Trying to hide your bra under any kind of tiny tee. It's just not happening.

Peekaboo! I hate that I see you!

5. When you do laundry and unwittingly turn your bras into one LONG bra chain.

Good luck untangling those, friend.

6. Or when one of your favorite bras gets totally fucked in the wash and you kinda want to cry forever.

7. When your bra strap starts to dance around your back until it's so twisted that it actually hurts.

How da fuq did this even come to pass? I WAS SITTING STILL.

8. Bra lines, in general.

OW, and also, WHY?

9. Having to devote an entire drawer to your bras, because they take up so much space.

10. And that moment when you realize you need a second drawer for them, actually.

11. The struggle that is needing a sports bra that will hold your boobs still, and knowing that you won't be able to breathe.

It's only for 30 minutes...OK, 10 tops.

12. And the fresh hell that is trying to peel off your sweaty sports bra.

OK, you've had your fun, now let me BREATHE.

13. When you have your period and your breasts swell JUST ENOUGH so that you no longer fit in your bra, and instead have four boobs.

Two on the bottom, two on the top. Sounds natural, right?

14. The night when you decide to go strapless... only to find that you can still totally see your bra.

Really, strapless bra? You're gonna be THAT way now?

15. THESE. Which are from the devil and also poke into your back.

16. Ugh, any time you have to rip off a sticky bra cup.

Who invented these monsters and what can we do to destroy them?

17. If you've already taken your bra off and someone asks you to go out, and it's just a flat "NO."

18. When you get the dreaded bra tan lines during the summer, which is just...ugh.

Fine, I'll just lather sunscreen UNDER the straps then, OK?

19. When you're at work and have to awkwardly readjust your boobs so they stay in your bra.

20. When you've worn a bra you love too much and it's just... it's stretched out to shit.

21. When you try on a NEW wonderful bra, and realize how saggy you looked before.

Oh my stars, why didn't anyone say anything to me!? Literally, just tell me this isn't working! I can change!

22. When some ~sexy friend~ attempts to take off your bra for the first time, and they clearly have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Should I help, or...?

23. And anytime you aren't able to do this immediately when you get home:

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