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18 Realities All Managers Face

Don't email on my day off. Ever.

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1. Anytime someone comes to you with a "problem," you have a hard time hiding your true feelings.

2. This is what your employees think you do all day:

3. But really you're too busy to micromanage them. / Via Disney

4. You've mastered the art of calming the fuck down, though: / Via Disney

5. But you've run out of sympathy for people who complain about their "long hours": / Via AMC

6. When your name is mentioned, you know it can't be good:

Please don't need something from me, please.
NBC / Via

Please don't need something from me, please.

7. When an employee tries to start some shit, you have to show them the REAL you: / Via Warner Bros.

8. Some days are so long that coffee starts to look better than, well, anything:

9. You know the real reason you can never fully relax:

10. The struggle of always being someone else's cheerleader and never being cheered is real:

11. When your employees try to reach you on your day off:


12. The reality of dealing with employees who are also youths:

13. Never being allowed to have a freak-out moment:

14. And having to constantly be "on":

15. You feel like a real dick half the time: / Via Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

16. And this is how you'd like to respond to most of the emails you get: / Via French & Saunders Productions

17. You know that fixing someone else's problem is actually really awesome:

18. And the only real advice you can give to people who want to be as boss as you someday:

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