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16 Boob Facts That Will Blow You Away

Because boobs are cup-able of so much more than looking great!

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1. Nipple stimulation = a closer bond with your sexual partner.

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Or at least that's what a 2012 study suggests! The study aimed to find exactly why men are attracted to breasts, and the answer they found is that it's a partial result of evolution. In that men have learned that by stimulating a woman's nipple, the woman is then more inclined to feel attracted and connected to her partner physically.

4. Men have nipples and breasts because all fetuses are female at first.

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That's right! Every fetus starts as female, and it isn't until six weeks that testosterone starts to take hold. But even before that six-week mark, nipples and breasts are already part of the body.


6. Scientists seriously do not know why women have full breasts all the time.


Primates have full breasts only when they're breastfeeding, and then they quickly go back to normal. But human breasts appear full even when we're not breastfeeding. So...what gives? There are a bunch of theories, including one about how our full breasts are similar to the round and bright red buttcheeks of our ape ancestors.

8. Studies show that breastfeeding can have long-term benefits for moms, including lowering risks of heart disease and cancer.


Along with helping new moms lose that baby weight, and lowering the chances of postpartum depression.


16. And just in case you were wondering (obvi), Annie Hawkins-Turner has the world's largest natural breasts on record.

They measure 70 inches around, 43 inches under, and would technically be supported in a 48V bra, if they made that size.