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16 Boob Facts That Will Blow You Away

Because boobs are cup-able of so much more than looking great!

1. Nipple stimulation = a closer bond with your sexual partner.

2. In fact, some women can achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. (Awesome.)

3. There's a champagne glass in London that's shaped after Kate Moss' breast.

4. Men have nipples and breasts because all fetuses are female at first.

5. The largest bra size is an L, and the smallest is a AAA.

The L cup was only made available in 2011.

6. Scientists seriously do not know why women have full breasts all the time.

7. Because bras weren't yet invented, ancient Roman women would wrap bandages around themselves to keep their boobs in place while they worked out.

8. Studies show that breastfeeding can have long-term benefits for moms, including lowering risks of heart disease and cancer.

9. And breastfeeding actually changes the way a mother's brain works! It makes the mother more attuned to her own child's crying.

10. Corsets that cinched in the waist and popped up the breasts went out of style during World War I, when the army needed more steel and asked women to give them up.

11. There are more than 4 million new bras produced every day.

12. A 2013 study found that men who prefer large breasts are less financially secure.

13. And the same study found that men who prefer small breasts are more financially secure.

14. Sleeping facedown can change the shape of your breasts over time.

15. There are eight different types of nipples.

16. And just in case you were wondering (obvi), Annie Hawkins-Turner has the world's largest natural breasts on record.