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    17 Life Lessons You Only Learn With A Best Friend

    Don't ever make plans without me, basically.

    1. It's NOT OK to make plans with anyone other than your BFF. / Via Columbia Pictures

    2. And people will try to become part of your BFF circle, but that's just never going to happen.

    OWN / Via

    Step off, this is not yours.

    3. Hearing each and every detail about their love life will, in turn, give you life.

    Fox / Via

    4. And yes, sometimes your bestie IS crazy, but they're your crazy, and you love them for it.

    5. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to communicate with a single look.

    No words necessary.

    6. When your bestie has an enemy, they automatically become yours too.

    7. And if your best friend is ever hurt by someone, it takes all your strength not to hunt that person down.

    Hughes Entertainment

    8. As part of a BFF team, it's your job to make sure your bestie doesn't humiliate themselves too much.

    9. There's nothing your BFF could ever do to make you love them less.

    Michael Jacobs Productions / Via

    10. People will try to steal your BFF, because they're awesome, and it's your job to destroy those people.

    NBC / Via

    11. While you are allowed to make fun of your bestie, no one else is. Ever.

    NBC / Via

    12. The fact that your BFF knows everything about you is sometimes a terrifying thing.

    NBC / Via

    I. SAID. STOP.

    13. No matter what, you'll always support each other's terrible ideas.

    Fox / MTV / Via

    14. When you see your friend and they "can't talk," you also can't help trying to distract them.

    15. A night in with just the two of you is the best night ever.

    16. You two are truly the most important people, and someday the world will know it too. / Via AMC

    17. And the real truth of all: You never feel truly whole unless your best friend is by your side.

    I'll never let go, BFF. I'll never let go!

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