14 Moments That Make Every Short Girl Say, "Yep, This Is Awkward"

    Oh, hello everyone else's nipples.

    1. It's weird AF when you end up staring at people's nipples all day.

    2. It's weird when you go shopping and realize the clothes aren't at all made for your body.

    3. It's weird when tall people feel the need to always pick you up.

    4. It's weird when you legit have to dive into a washer in order to get to the clothes at the bottom.

    5. It's weird when you then have to ask someone to give you a boost so you can reach something.

    6. It's weird when you're just trying to use a seatbelt and end up with a rash along the side of your neck.

    7. And it's weird when you're driving and the sun visor isn't quite made for you.

    8. It's weird when your hip is the same height as small tables.

    9. It's weird when your friends use your head as a human armrest.

    10. It's weird when regular pants double as footwear.

    11. It's weird when you have to wear insanely high heels just to keep up with your friends in photos.

    12. It's weird AF when you get angry but people don't take you seriously because of your height.

    13. It's weird when you try to do basic, everyday things, and legit can't.

    14. And it's weird when clothes that are meant to be short on other people just look normal on you.

    But hey, at least we have tall friends to help us with the weird shit we can't do, right?