Batman Imagined In Classic Movies Is Truly Magnificent

    What if Batman starred in your favorite movies of all time? Your head might explode from realness, that's what.

    Can't get enough Batman? Want to see him as more than just the Dark Knight? OK.

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    PistolShrimps just released their version of what classic films like When Harry Met Sally, Star Wars, and Sixth Sense would look like with Batman in the starring roles.

    Here's Batman, spooning a slightly distraught Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Batman.

    And here he is pretty much being a badass wizard with a mask in Batty Potter.

    He also professes his love to Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and melts my cold, cold heart.

    Now he's seeing dead people in the Sixth Sense and kinda freaking Bruce Willis the eff out.

    OK, your movie world has been Batman-ified. How do you feel?