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24 Badass Halloween Costumes To Empower Little Girls

No Disney Princesses allowed. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

1. The pint-size Queen of Naboo.

2. Brave Amelia Earhart, all set to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Mini-Frida, complete with an unbelievably great unibrow.

4. A tiny TARDIS that proves the next Dr. Who should be a lady.

5. Bill's itty-bitty bride.

6. A very convincing Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

7. Joan of Awesome

8. A little Batgirl who's ready to spread her wings.

9. Or this dynamite duo.

10. Lego ladies.

11. Bewitching Hermione.

12. A truly terrifying Hulk.

13. The pink side of Darth Vader.

14. Annie, get your toy gun!

15. These petite pirates.

16. The junior ninja.

17. Doctor in training.

18. The future queen of hearts.

19. Wee Wonder Woman.

20. Tiny Michelangelo.

21. The world's cutest QBs.

22. Jane Austen's fan club

23. The daughter of R2-D2.

24. The smallest suffragette.