#AwkwardWhiteGirl Is A Hashtag And It’s Weird

Why is this a thing?

1. Because apparently posing with your friend for a photo is awkward.

2. So is bringing water to Sbux.

3. Duck face is awkward for white girls.

4. So are “ugly faces.”

5. OK…

6. What.

Performing at chinese new year celebrations, the plan is to say nothing and bow a lot. #awkwardwhitegirl

— Georgie Murray (@georgie_murray)

7. Stop this.

yesterday i was trying to impersonate a ratchet girl and so I went to snap my hand back and hit it on a brick wall.. #awkwardwhitegirl

— Jenna Langan (@jalanggg)

8. Eating pho in a Victoria’s Secret hoodie is #awkward.

Early pho dinner date with @keelyj0 #awkwardwhitegirl

— emma le (@emmalele)

9. Because sucking at Zumba is also awkward.

I learned something very important tonight. I suck at Zumba. #awkwardwhitegirl #stillhadfun

— Morgan Opp (@MorganOpp)

10. WHY.

I always dread the awkward small talk at the Doctor's office more than anything else. #awkwardwhitegirl

— Mary Henderson (@marehenderson)

11. DOES.

ugh i hate trying new workout classes that involve high levels of coordination #awkwardwhitegirl

— Sara Weinshenk (@princessshenk)

12. THIS.

I have to ask people if they can teach me how to dougie, because I such at dancing and seriously have no idea how to. #awkwardwhitegirl

— Elladee Zak (@Umbrelladee)

13. EXIST?!

I really want to participate in this trend and I made up a lot of good ones but I feel uncomfortable saying the "n" word #awkwardwhitegirl

— Hannah Ingalls (@twerkINGGG)

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