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    20 Awkward Things That Happen When You Move In With A Significant Other

    Pooping is so awkward.

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    1. When you have to fart, and don't want to terrify the person next to you.


    2. When you both have a different style of cleaning, and you have to figure out which is the "right" way.


    Hint: There is no right way.

    3. When your partner is happy and fast asleep, and you hear something weird happen.

    But at least you're really comfortable around each other now? Maybe?

    4. When you need to use the bathroom...for things...and have to ask them to play music so they don't hear you.


    5. And now you know every time the other person is doing a No. 2.


    6. You feel like if you're not doing anything, then you should be doing SOMETHING.


    Like, there's a new movie that's out, or something?? Right?? We're cool, right?? I JUST WANT TO SPEND ALL OF THE MINUTES WITH YOU.

    7. Even though you both know that you really just want to lay on the couch.


    8. When you're on different sleep schedules, and at bedtime one of you has to be the party pooper.

    9. You haven't had to check in with someone since you lived with your parents... But now you do.


    But this is totally necessary, because otherwise you'd be worried about them, and vice versa. LOVE.

    10. You're no longer able to get away with your quirky/borderline disgusting habits.


    On the upside, you don't have pizza face anymore! Hooray! Again, LOVE.

    11. Someone has to be the banker in the relationship... NOT IT.


    Just kidding, I'm totally it. That is...if you want me to be?!

    12. Feeling like you have to have a dinner plan every night.


    At least you're eating something other than PBJs now, right? I mean, at least SOMETIMES.

    13. Asking your S.O. to not come into a certain room when you're have a girls'/bros' night.


    It's only because we're talking about how great you are...IN BED. Obvi.

    14. Masturbation = impossible

    15. When you nicely offer to do some of the other person's laundry, and this horrifying thing happens.

    16. When you have to address the things they're doing "wrong," and feeling like a total asshole.


    Umm...hey. So, there's like this ONE THING...if you could know what? Never mind.

    17. You go through twice the TP for the twice the poops.


    Hey, but now you never run out of toilet paper!! (Porcelain lining!)

    18. Worrying that if you spend too much time in the bathroom, they'll start worrying about you.


    Worry. Don't worry. I'M FINE, REALLY.

    19. Having a standoff about who's going to get rid of their couch, and then being known as the couple with two couches in their living room.


    That's all in your head, of course.

    20. They are forced to see you at your absolute worst.


    Hey, if you can survive a nasty bout of the runs, your love will last a LIFETIME.

    But these awkward moments end up bringing you closer together.


    BEST FUCKING FRIENDS FOR LIFE. Love you, boo. xoxo

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