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19 Awkward Moments All Couples Home For The Holidays Experience

So, are we sleeping in your childhood bed or...? No? I'll go to the attic then, great.

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4. When one of your parents inevitably makes a sex joke, and you vomit a little in your mouth.

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OK, cool, you said that horrible thing, so now I'm going to throw myself out this window.

5. When you take your S.O. out to a local bar and run into some idiot from high school who reminds you of that time you got drunk and tap danced in the parking lot of a Denny's*.

7. When you start profusely sweating because you can't tell if your parents actually like your significant other.

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Did my dad just heavily sigh? Like a fucking cat? What the hell is he trying to say?!

10. When your crazy aunt makes a judgment about your S.O. just by looking at them.

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Really? You don't like them? Because I'm pretttyyy sure that's just the whiskey talking, Aunt Sally.

12. Having a littleeee too much to drink at dinner and then discovering that, yes, you're drunk in front of the parents now.


It's too late for me. Save yourself, and leave me here to humiliate both of us.

13. Showering in someone else's house and figuring out whether you should come out in a towel, or fully clothed, or just lock yourself in there forever.

14. And not knowing whether to come downstairs in PJs, or get fully dressed in the morning.


Are you guys gonna wear pajamas? Because that's awesome if you are, but if not I can't be the only one in silk, ya know?

16. When one of you disagrees with someone in the family over politics, and you don't know whether to scream or burn the house down.


Could we not talking about The Sony hack today? Could we just not? #thanksalotOBAMA

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