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19 Embarrassing Moments All Americans Experience In London

Do I want to know what a "bubble & squeak" is...?

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2. Trying to cross the street and accidentally looking the wrong way, because ROADS.

Roads: They're different in America!

3. When you go to order an English breakfast and become overly concerned when you see "bubble & squeak" listed in the ingredients...

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

What? And what? I asked a British person to explain this to me, and they said "bubble & squeak" means mashed potato and cabbage fried together. (?!?)

4. When you ask "Where's the bathroom?" and then you're led to a room without a toilet.

Turns out that "bathroom" in London means "a room where you can bathe yourself." What you need is a "toilet." Lesson learned!


5. When you need to go to a pharmacy and someone tells you to go to "Boots". (?!?)

Boots... like the shoes I'm wearing boots?

6. Having every British person around you giggle when you say "poop," because they call it "poo."



7. When you're ordering food and they ask if you want it for "takeaway," and your brain goes blank for the smallest of seconds.



11. Going to order a regular coffee, and having no one understand what you want, because English people call it "filtered coffee."

I'm sorry, I just want a COFFEE. Please give it to me!

12. And THEN, trying to buy an iced coffee, and getting a bunch of blank stares instead.

Iced coffee just isn't an easy thing to find here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


16. Getting confused when someone asks if you have an "oyster card" for the tube.

And subsequently feeling the rage of having to pay 4.80 for a single tube ride. That's outrageous.


18. When you get judged for calling digestives a cookie instead of a biscuit. (Even though it's definitely a cookie.)

You know damn well what biscuits are, and this isn't one of them.