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18 "As Seen On TV" Products That Will Actually Change Your Life

Dear Snuggie, You are a wizard of warmth and I cannot live without you. Inspired by this awesome Reddit thread.

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2. The PedEgg


Feet are truly terrifying monsters, especially when they aren't covered by shoes. Luckily, there's the PedEgg, which is basically a cheese grater for your calluses. It will shave off the dead skin, and leave you with lovely feet. Did I mention it's only $9.99?


4. Ahh Bra


For those who have, ah hem, sizable assets, the Ahh Bra is pretty spectacular. It uses a spandex material to lift, and comes without the hassle of bra straps or clasps. There's no adjusting, it's machine washable, and fits like a more comfortable sports bra.

7. Whoa Buddy! Bowl

Some dogs just can't get enough of life, and so they chow down on their food like it's going out of style. To prevent your dog from barfing up their meal, the Whoa Buddy! Bowl forces them to slow down and work around their food obstacles.


8. P90X

You'll hear people talk about P90X all the time, because it takes over their lives. (But in a good way, kinda.) This might look a little pricey, at three payments of $39.95 a month, but that's about what you'd pay for a nice gym membership, right? Plus, after those payments you can keep all the DVD's.

10. Chillow

On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, when summer hits the Chillow is your BFF. It's a cooling pack that tucks inside your pillow, and feels soft because it has memory foam. There are no batteries or electricity required, and once it's activated it will keep you cool all night.

11. Pajama Jeans


For those of us who hate pants, wearing something that at least feels like a soft pajama is a much better option. And the fact that these pajamas resemble the more socially acceptable jean counterpart means that you get the last laugh when you go out to da clubs, or the mailbox, or wherever.


15. Windshield Wonder

There's a reason most people don't clean their windshields, and that's because it's hard to reach across the dash. (Or, at least, I'm far too lazy to.) But the windshield wonder comes with attachments, and microfiber cloths that you can wash and reuse. Plus, it fits in your glovebox and only runs $9.95 a pop.