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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Looks Exactly The Same In Every Photo

    Seems like someone's found their signature pose!

    Arnold filmed "Conan the Barbarian" without moving his face once!

    And he also managed to flex his pecs the entire time. That's called skills, folks.

    When holding a gun, Arnold and Arnold are two peas in a pod.

    And every time he's stuck in the jungle with a gun, he makes this face.$T2eC16JHJIkE9qU3i)j+BQgmlciJ2!~~60_57.JPG

    How. Does. He. Do. It.

    Plus, he's got mad aviator alignment.

    Also, he totally owned the Grumpy Cat look before it was a thing.

    But, let's be honest: He doesn't need aviators to nail this. (Glasses of any kind will do!)

    He's just that good!

    Whether it's a yellow tie or a snappy red one, Arnold abides!

    He even manages to keep his cool in the midst of a dirty face and tarnished shades.

    Tell us your secret, Arnold!

    He smiles sometimes, too, and he gets it right every single time.

    Should we get some mice for those pythons, Arnold?

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