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    Andy Cohen Revealed That Kelly Ripa Correctly Diagnosed Him With Skin Cancer

    "I had a chunk removed."

    On Friday, Andy Cohen co-hosted Live with Kelly and he started off the episode by revealing he'd undergone treatment for melanoma skin cancer.

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    Hot tip: skip to 1:04 for the clip.

    And he had Kelly Ripa to thank for catching the skin cancer.


    As it turns out, the two were at a party together in April when Kelly noticed a black dot she'd never seen before on his lip. "I’m like a dog with a bone," Ripa told the audience, "he’d text me, and I’d be like, 'Did you get your lip checked out yet?'"


    "You really helped me out there," Cohen told Ripa, "and thank you for staying on me."

    Cohen admitted he loves the sun, and said the dot turned out to be melanoma. "I had a chunk [of my lip] removed," he said.


    Cohen said he never thought a skin cancer diagnosis would happen to him, and that he's now going to change how he interacts with the sun. "Everyone, check yourself," he urged.


    Ripa stated that this is actually the third time she's caught a skin cancer on a friend... THE THIRD TIME.


    "I'm glad to see that all that money I spent visiting dermatologists was good for something," she joked. "At this point, I am a dermatologist."

    For more information on skin cancer, how to spot it, and how to prevent it, visit your dermatologist, the American Cancer Society, or Kelly Ripa (apparently).