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26 Reasons To Add More Pasta Into Your Life

Live you best life with a little spaghetti alle vongole.

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1. Attention my fellow humans: We need to talk.

2. You're hungry and pondering, "What in the whole wide world would make my tummy happiest at this moment?"

3. I'm here to tell you that the answer forever and always will be, "PASTA."

No possible exceptions.

4. Yes, pasta covered in a creamy alfredo sauce, sprinkled with cheese, and accented with fresh veggies will do the trick.

5. Or tortellini in a butter and white wine sauce, topped with shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes.

6. And there's always a sensible plate of fettuccine made with eggplant to welcome you home.

7. I mean, just LOOK at this homemade pasta. Really admire it here.

8. Can you appreciate how impossibly yummy this bowl of penne will taste when it's topped with all that cheese?

So much cheese. So lovely. So hungry.


9. Tell me you don't want to dip that bread in the pasta sauce. Tell me.

Oh, you can't, can you? Because that would be a bold-faced lie.

10. Worried that pasta isn't healthy enough? BEHOLD, A PASTA "SALAD"*!

*OK, not specifically "healthy," but it does have the word "salad" in it, so you can at least say that you ate a salad.

11. But if you're looking for the opposite of healthy, smothering pasta in mozzarella cheese is really where it's at.


12. And pasta pairs so well with wine, you'll wonder why you bother with water at all.

I mean, aside from the whole "needed to survive this life" thing, what's it good for?


13. Know what else pairs well with pasta? Truffles.

14. Also tomatoes, in general.

15. And fresh herbs, pretty much all the time.

16. The truth is that there's no wrong way to eat pasta.

17. Because the chance that you could actually mess up pasta is .000000001%.

That percent accounts for people who don't finish their entire plate.

18. Whether it's fresh raviolis...

19. ...or spaghetti alle vongole to fill your plate...

20. Pasta really is the right decision always and forever.

21. Like the American motto says, "In Pasta We Trust."

22. So, just give in to the delicious inevitability of pesto.

23. Top your pasta with roasted pine nuts and live your best life.

24. Let these warm stuffed shells move into your apartment and live rent free for the night.

25. Don't be ashamed, just allow the pasta to wrap you in a loving noodle-arm embrace.

26. And trust me when I say that a life without pasta is no life at all.

Pasta tonight. Pasta forever. Pasta, will you marry me?