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    Posted on Sep 28, 2015

    Here's What Happens When You're Already Excited For Halloween

    When does the Hocus Pocus marathon start?!

    1. Seeing the pop-up Halloween stores makes you break out into a very real sweat.

    2. The decorations are up at least a week before it's socially acceptable.

    3. The fact that you'd like to flaunt your Halloween pride all the time, but actually can't is a real struggle.

    4. But because you have no chill, your Halloween pride just comes out even when you're trying to be casual about it.

    5. You end up carving a pumpkin so far in advance that it won't actually last until Halloween...

    6. Which is totally fine, since you plan to spend most of your paycheck on buying more of these.

    7. Your Halloween movies are basically on a loop through the whole of October...

    8. Because you know that a Halloween marathon doesn't have to be reserved for one night a year.

    9. Trying out potential costumes takes up a lot of your time.

    10. And those trial runs can often terrify your unwitting friends.

    11. If you see something that's Halloween-themed, you're buying it.

    Like, yes, you already had lunch, but you also need to have this.

    12. But if your food isn't Halloween-themed, you'll spend the extra time to find a way.

    13. You counted down the days until September 23, and reminded all of your friends of what it meant (even if they didn't care).

    14. All of your photos have to have something pumpkin or orange in them.

    15. And you're not about to miss an opportunity to take a photo at a pumpkin patch, even if you've already taken dozens.

    16. Your friends are getting sick of how often they see this popping up on your Spotify.


    17. You take extra pride in your Halloween wardrobe, and judge others who don't.

    18. You have to stop yourself from squealing every time you pass a candy aisle.

    19. And while many people wait to buy candy until the trick-or-treaters come, you've never let those rules stop you.

    So if you're already excited for October 31, just remember: Halloween is your special time, and you can celebrate it whenever you please.

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