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    17 Adorable Kitten Photos To Get You Through A Bad Week

    Keep calm, and kitten on.

    1. The dream that is literally everything about this kitten pic.

    2. This itty-bitty kitty smiling up at the camera.

    3. This little orange guy who stopped to smell the flowers and is overwhelmed with emotions.

    4. The sweetest face just BEGGING you for one more treat. Just. One. More. Please?!

    5. This dapper kitty who's so excited to binge-watch Netflix that he forgot to take off his coat first.

    6. This mind-blowing friendship between a kitten and bunny that will make you believe in miracles again.

    7. This concerned sous chef who wants to make sure you didn't put too much salt in the marinara.

    8. This collage, in general.

    9. This handsome kitten who had a *little* too much to drink, but still manages to pull off the bow tie.

    10. This kitten who promises to behave if you just take him with you. Pinkie paw swear.

    11. This kitten who just saw the most amazing snack on TV and is having a tough time not drooling all over the place.

    12. This pile of kittens who had QUITE the night last night.

    13. This sleepy little babe giving you the gift of her cute AF paw to gaze at.

    14. And this other sleepy kitty who's getting out a nice stretch before going back to snoozing.

    15. This cat who just heard the juiciest piece of hot goss and is about to spill it to you.

    16. This bookmark that makes it impossible to even care about the plot in this book.

    17. And finally, these kitten siblings who just needed a good solid cuddle.