A Tribute To Every Beautiful Part Of Nicholas Hoult

And I do mean every part.

1. Everyone, this is Nicholas Hoult. Nicholas Hoult, this is everyone!

Fergus McDonald / Getty Images


2. If he looks familiar, that’s probably because he’s been acting his whole life. For example, this role in “About A Boy” when he was 11.

Nic (that’s what I call him now) played a 12-year-old boy with a depressed mother, who he’d do anything to help. It was adorable. He also had a pretty epic bowl cut.

3. Or when he was 7 and acted in “Intimate Relations.”

Here he played a character named Bobby, and other than the fact that he looks pretty cute with a side part, that’s all you need to know.

4. Then he played a bit of a sociopath on the UK TV series “Skins” when he was 18.

Mmmm….a beautiful sociopath!

5. But you probably know him more recently as that oddly hot zombie in “Warm Bodies.”

6. Yeah, he’s dead, but look at those eyes and cheekbones. Dang, baby, dang.

7. He’s also in the upcoming film “Jack the Giant Slayer” where, apparently, this lucky bitch gets to touch him.

8. And did I mention he also models for Tom Ford sometimes?

Enjoy your moment of greatness, crows!

9. And then sometimes stars in Tom Ford’s sexy period films, like “A Single Man”?

10. But he’s not just a pretty face with excellent acting chops.

Did we mention that he’s also in X-Men: First Class?

11. No, he’s also a pretty face in a lovely suit.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

12. It’s a pretty face that holds its own when matched with a fetching tie and pocket square.

13. It’s a face that makes leather bomber jackets even cooler by association.

Neil Mockford / Getty Images

14. And a pretty face that can be goofy, serious, hell, even shocked!

15. Enough about his face though, let’s closely examine his other magnificent assets, like his abs.

17. Or his happy trail that, in turn, makes me happy.

18. Or his…face. Yes, I’m looking at his face again.

19. Definitely looking at his face here.

20. And Colin Firth is absolutely only thinking about his face here, too.

21. Hells bells, he can barely hold himself up under the weight of all his hunkdom.

22. Have I made you lick your lips in happiness yet or…?

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