A Rescued Piglet And Kitten Are Best Friends And It’s Totally Adorable

Disney, make this into a movie, please.

1. This is Laura, a rescued piglet, and her BFF, Marina, a rescued kitty.

2. They were rescued within a few days of each other by the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie (Interspecies Equality Sanctuary) in Santiago, Chile.

3. And now they’re adorably inseparable.

4. Laura and Marina just love to take naps.

5. And cuddle when they nap.

6. But even when they’re not cuddling, they stay close together, like BFFs should.

7. Sometimes Laura sleeps in, so Marina acts as her bestie alarm clock.

8. Marina makes sure to get her friend plenty of kitty kisses.

9. And Laura always returns the favor.

10. You can watch Laura and Marina’s high jinks together, or like Laura’s Facebook page for more adorable updates.

Aren’t BFFs the best?? (H/T to Reddit user RespectYourShelf for posting this adorable video.)

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