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33 Reasons To Be Thankful For Florida

Everyone loves to hate on Florida, but we've got solid evidence that it's not actually the nightmare it's made out to be.

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5. You can also load up on vitamin D year-round (for free!).

Benefits of sunshine include an improved immune system, healthy bones, reduced stress, reduced risk of depression, and improved cardiovascular health, among other things.

19. Think of all the fantastic glimpses of humanity you'd miss without Florida! Like the "Don't Tase Me, Bro" guy.

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For real, though, Florida loves tazing.

25. Unless, of course, you're William H. Macy, Norman Reedus, Ashley Greene, Maya Rudolph, Jim Morrison, or Debbie Harry, because they are all native Floridians.

26. As is Bob Ross, and without him you wouldn't know the "Joy of Painting."

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