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    31 People More Graceful Than You

    To be fair, standing up without falling down is pretty tough. Right?

    1. The unlikely gymnast.

    2. The guy who makes arm dancing an art.

    3. Ozzy Osbourne and Slash's pinkies.

    Dave Hogan / Getty Images

    Pinkies up!

    4. The guy whose girlfriend couldn't handle his graceful wheelie.

    5. The kid whose jump was filled with hope.

    6. The guy who makes Natalie Portman look like an amateur.

    7. The guy who nailed this shot while lying down.

    You heard us. He nailed that shot.

    8. The girl who manages to look like she was shot out of a majestic cannon.

    9. The family who perfected synchronized falling.

    10. The guy who never awkwardly takes his clothes off.

    11. These friends who play catch with their feet.

    12. The world's one and only toast master.

    No contest, right?

    13. The guy who doesn't need to go upstairs to transfer trains.

    14. The goalie who could use his hands, but why bother when you have graceful feet?

    15. The guy who probably has the most impressive dreams ever.

    16. The cat who maintained grace while being crowned by a little princess.

    17. The lady who saves this letter from falling on the floor.

    18. The ballerina who knows when it's time to walk away.

    19. The guy who nailed this diva pose.

    20. Zach Galifianakis.

    21. The kid who isn't just going to climb onto his bike.

    22. The guy who makes playing outside into a circus.

    23. The guy who is absolutely the best multitasker we've ever seen.

    24. The lady who makes getting up off the floor look effortless.

    25. Everyone involved in this.

    26. The lady who lifts in heels.

    27. And any lady who's able to dance in heels like this.

    28. The guy who adds a touch of flair to putting on a hat.

    29. The dog that can watch Oprah and power walk at the same time.

    30. The guy who proves that baseball is fabulous.

    31. And did I mention the kid who nails a kickflip, even with crutches?

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