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30 Best Jokes From "30 Rock"

To get you prepared for the series finale!

1. That time Liz thought she might die on an airplane.

2. When Tracy thanked Liz for solving apartheid.

3. That time when Jack reminded Liz to stop making up words.

4. When we learned this tenet of Kenneth Parcell.

5. That time Tracy revealed the secret to living a long and happy life.

6. The moment Jack realized he might end up with a Canadian child.

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7. When Jack revealed the Republican Party's secret.

8. That time Jack made the dress code clear.

9. Liz divulging the secret way to get out of civic duties.

10. The sassy way Angie said, "Ham."

11. That time when a fake reality TV show saved TGS.

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12. When Liz realized what her life had become.

13. The time when Dr. Spaceman gave Liz an important prescription.

14. When Liz told the truth about that year abroad.

15. When we were reminded of the way to Liz's heart.

16. And the way to Jack's heart.

17. When Liz posed the question every good friend of Jenna's needs to ask.

18. When we got insight into Jack's worldview.

19. When we saw into Kenneth's soul.

20. That time when Jack gave Liz financial advice.

21. When Jack delivered the greatest comeback ever.

22. When we heard the truth from Queen of Jordan's mouth.

23. That time when Jack explained his fear of Leonardo DiCaprio.

24. When the business schemes of Devon were confessed.

25. When we saw Colleen's motherly instincts kick in.

26. The most romantic thing we've ever heard from Frank.

27. When Pete showed us the right way to start each and every day.

28. When we finally heard the reason for why there are no mirrors on the TGS set.

29. When we learned that there aren't really eyes on the back of Jack's head.

30. When Jack explained the legal limit.