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    29 Awkward Moments That Inevitably Happen At Work

    What awkward work moments don't kill you make you stronger.

    1. When you’re basically having a dance party at your desk, and then realize a little too late that everyone's watching.


    Watching. Laughing. Enjoying the show.

    2. Accidentally wearing the exact same thing as a coworker and feeling like you have to hide from them all day.

    3. Hearing one of your coworkers take credit for something you did, and having to exercise all your strength not to murder them.


    4. Having to pretend like you weren't just taking a selfie. Even though your boss clearly saw you do it.

    Awkward moment when the you're taking an epic selfie at work and your boss walks in and you make eye contact


    Awkward moment when the you're taking an epic selfie at work and your boss walks in and you make eye contact

    12:53 PM - 17 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    5. Being completely over that one weirdo in the office and no longer trying to even be nice about it.


    6. Knowing you kind of fucked something up, and trying to figure out who else to blame for it.

    7. Any time you head to the kitchen and are forced to make awkward small talk while your lunch heats up.

    The CW

    8. Trying to work on your ~fitness~ and going before work, only to realize far too late that you forgot some of the essential parts of your work outfit.

    Nothing quite as awkward as coming into work early to work out and then realizing you left your dress shoes at home.

    Brian Deutsch@badeutsch

    Nothing quite as awkward as coming into work early to work out and then realizing you left your dress shoes at home.

    6:16 AM - 22 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    9. When you get a RAISE and then excitedly open your next paycheck only to see that actually, no, that wasn't a raise after taxes.

    10. When you just quickly snag a little cat nap, and your boss decides to come to your desk at that exact moment.

    11. Starting the day off by spilling something on your outfit, and just having to live with it/awkwardly explain it away.

    12. Accidentally pouring out word vomit when someone catches you not doing work.


    13. The moment when you finally SNAP, and become the person who posts passive aggressive work notes.

    14. Going to a work event, drinking some things, and then WHOOPS: You're sloppy drunk.

    15. Or sloppy crying to your coworkers while being sloppy drunk.


    16. The catastrophic horror that is being trapped in a bathroom with a coworker who is just laying. it. down.

    17. Having a really bad day at work and unintentionally taking your rage out on everyone else, then having to awkwardly apologize for it.


    18. Coming back from a super long lunch and your boss asks, “Where were you?” and it’s like THEY KNOW.


    ... Getting drunk? Is that OK?

    19. When one of your coworkers asks you to help them with some bullshit project and you have to politely decline.


    20. When a coworker casually says, "You look tired," which you know is code for, "You look like a pile of shit."

    NBC / Via KoMut Entertainment

    Thank you for reminding me that I am atrocious today.

    21. When you move your chair and it makes a squeak that sounds way too similar to a fart.

    Then you have to do the decision dance of either loudly explaining it wasn't a fart, letting it go, or trying to replicate the noise again to prove your case. Either way: everyone will think you tooted. Sorry.

    22. Actually farting at your desk and having to desperately attempt to mask the scent.

    23. When one of your coworkers is having some amazing daydream and accidentally starts staring at you and making you feel all kinds of ~uncomfy feels~.

    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

    24. Being caught looking up things that aren't work, and just having to awkwardly state the obvious. / Via Castle Rock Entertainment

    25. That unfortunate moment when you realize that something you do is actually pretty annoying to other people.

    26. Getting unsolicited advice from a "wiser" and older coworker.


    Oh, really? I should be more forward with my ideas? I have an idea: go the fuck away.

    27. Getting super friendly with coworkers and then completely over sharing to a point of no fucking return.


    28. When your boss tries to challenge what you've just said, and you have to politely put them in their place.

    ABC / Via

    29. And when some youthful intern comes in and does something that reminds you of how old you are.

    NBC Productions

    Even if you aren't old, the #youths will make you feel that way. #banyouths

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