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28 Things That Will Make You Seriously Miss Recess

Recess should be mandatory for grown-ups. Just saying.

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1. Fighting so hard in tug of war that you think your arms might break off.

2. Having an amazing playground that makes you feel like you live in a castle.

3. Or, if you were one of these lucky kids, actually having a castle as a playground.

4. The easy satisfaction of riding this playground horse.


5. The fantastic feeling of being the highest one up on the seesaw.

6. Hanging upside down from the monkey bars.

7. Being called forward for a game of red rover, and trying with all your might to break through.

8. Having a dream room filled with toys for you to choose from.


9. Hopscotch!

10. Having free reign to chase your crush around the playground without fear.

11. Chasing other people around the grass. Just. Because. You. Can.

12. Goofing off with your BFFs and feeling like the coolest people in school.

...Even if you aren't.

...Even if you aren't.


13. Climbing to the top of a play set, and looking down at the minions beneath you.

14. Playing cat's cradle and feeling accomplished.

15. Discovering your future with fortune telling origami.

Pick wisely!

16. Totally dominating in double dutch.

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

17. Getting Dunk-a-Roos as a snack.

Which is seriously just awesome cookies with frosting.

18. Or ants on a log and actually enjoying celery.

19. Or any kind of lunchables.

Especially when paired with Capri Sun.
Flickr: jonathancharles

Especially when paired with Capri Sun.

20. It actually didn't matter what you got, because you could always trade snacks.


21. Sand.

22. And owning a game of foursquare.

23. Telling secrets and actually cupping your hands to do so.

24. Swinging so high that flying off becomes a real and exciting possibility.


25. Hula hooping!

26. Playing an awesome clapping game with your BFFs.

My fave? Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, All dressed in black, black, black...

My fave? Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, All dressed in black, black, black...

27. Climbing UP the slide, even though you're not supposed to.


28. Or just hitting time out on life by taking a nap break.

Dear sassy molassey, I miss nap time!!!

Dear sassy molassey, I miss nap time!!!