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    27 Hardships Only Drunk People Will Understand

    Being the life of the party is such a burden, you guys.

    1. Finding the right amount of straws for your drink.

    2. Figuring out WHERE to put those empty beer boxes.

    3. Adding, in general.

    4. Not falling asleep on strangers.

    5. Doors.

    6. Pet doors.

    7. The looming threat of Sharpies.

    8. Mugs breaking and ruining your life.

    9. Remembering who's talking to you.

    10. Doing laundry!

    11. Seriously, though, laundry is impossible.

    12. Playing a game of limbo.

    13. Losing the cap for a mixer, and having to improvise.

    14. Tables with horribly shoddy workmanship.

    15. Effectively taking a toilet seat off so you can properly puke.

    16. Remembering where the fuck you're supposed to put shoes.

    17. Being PUNCHED IN THE FACE by hand dryers.

    18. Removing the duct tape without ripping off all your body hair.

    19. Less drunk people putting their junk in your face.

    20. And then taking photos of that junk all up in your drunk grill.

    21. Standing up straight in front of a cop.


    23. Sometimes while upside down, like a boss!

    24. And the inevitable spillage casualties.

    25. Making a bed of beer cans without dying.

    26. Staying awake, because, like...SLEEP SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT NOW.

    27. And horrifying chip avalanches.