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    26 Delightful Ways To Make The Work Day More Fun

    I mean more fun for you, and not so much for anyone else.

    1. Respond to a coworker's passive aggressive note in a way that will make them even angrier.

    2. Shave off your eyebrows...

    So you can draw on maniacal ones!

    3. Use condiments from the break room to bring Mario and Luigi to life.

    4. Make your own plant.

    5. Discover creative new ways to use work supplies, like a stapler accent on a tie.

    6. Turn real-life threats into something more manageable.

    7. Craft binder clips into antlers, so you can wear them around the office.

    8. Turn your CD filled with PowerPoint work nonsense into a thing of epic beauty.

    9. Leave a deceptive message on a coworker's desk to keep them on their toes.

    10. Start a filing system that actually reflects your priorities in life.

    11. Give your boring old desk a Nic Cage boost!

    12. Or put those old takeout boxes to good use.

    13. Use extra downtime to learn a new life skill.

    14. Turn your keyboard into something you can actually use, like a waffle maker!

    15. Switch out the photos on your bosses desk.

    16. Brighten someone else's day by slapping yellow sticky notes all over their space.

    17. Kidnap a coworker's personal belongings and stage a hostage situation.

    18. Take initiative and celebrate those unsung work accomplishments.

    19. Give everyone a mandatory work break and pull the fire alarm.

    20. Add some "Jurassic Park" flair to the office.

    21. Throw an impromptu birthday party for a coworker, even if it's not their birthday.

    22. Construct an elaborate obstacle course for your coworker and watch from a distance as they navigate through it.

    23. Basically just quietly humiliate someone you hate.

    24. Kitten-ify your desk!

    25. Or rockstar-ify your workspace.

    26. And make your cubicle the envy of everyone in the office.