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26 Cats Who Didn't Stick To Their New Year's Resolutions

Don't worry, you're not the only one who had trouble keeping promises in 2013.

1. The cat who vowed to help others.

2. The cat who wanted to stop smoking...and drinking.

3. The cat who promised her husband that they'd watch less TV.

4. The cat who wanted to stop making out with random dudes at parties.

5. The cat who pledged to be less of an introvert.

6. The cat who thought 2013 would be a much more literary time in his life.

7. The cat who agreed to stop tripping balls so much.

8. The cat who vowed to look like less of a serial killer.

9. The cat who resolved to stop biting other people's nails.

10. The cat who promised his boss that he wouldn't come in hungover all the time.

11. Same with this drunk bastard.

12. The cat who wanted to stop sticking her nose in everyone else's business.

13. The cat who vowed to accept himself for who he really is.

14. The cat who thought it was time she stop being such a cat lady, but failed.

15. The cat who wanted to stop inviting himself places.

16. The grumpy cat who didn't want to be so grumpy in 2013.

17. The cat who promised to spend more time with friends this year.

18. The cat who tried to be less of a bro, but failed miserably.

19. The cat who said he'd finally commit to his gym membership this year.

20. The cat who wanted to quit gambling his hopes and dreams away.

21. The cat who promised to stop lurking around like a total creep.

22. The cat who told herself she'd stop obsessing over which apps to download.

23. The cat who told her ex she'd stop Facebook stalking him.

24. The cat who continues to fall asleep in class.

25. The cat who aspired to be less of a klutz.

26. The cat who just wanted to lose a couple of pounds in time for bathing suit season.