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    25 Reasons Why You Should Join Cersei Lannister's House

    Nice try, Starks, but the Lannisters are where it's at. And Cersei is totally killing it with her badass skills.

    1. Aside from being the Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms in "Game of Thrones"...

    2. She also invented her own rules for playing the game...of thrones.

    3. And she's not afraid of taking drastic measures to enforce those rules.

    4. When you're part of House Lannister, Cersei is fiercely loyal.

    5. Especially if your name is Jaime.

    6. But she doesn't let her incestuous love blind her from the ultimate goal...

    7. Power over the Iron Throne.

    8. OK, yes, sometimes that kind of determination can be intimidating.

    9. But let's be honest: She's just a lady who knows how to party.

    10. And wants you to join in on the fun too.

    11. And even though Cersei might seem like a bit of a tomboy...

    12. Deep down she's a total girly girl just searching for a BFF.

    13. And in her own way, Cersei's a feminist.

    14. And because of that, she knows how a lady should be treated.

    15. She's not just skilled with women, though, she also has a knack for handling men.

    16. And likes to be totally honest about where they fall in the grand scheme of things.

    17. Cersei's perfected the art of withering looks.

    18. Seriously, I just turned to dust.

    19. And she inspires others to greatness through her passionate beliefs.

    20. She's genuinely interested in the lives of the people around her.

    21. Until they start to get on her last nerve...

    22. When that happens, Cersei always speaks her mind.

    23. And she's not afraid to slap a bitch, even if it's her own King son.

    24. So, are you officially convinced that it's time to join House Lannister?

    25. If not, Cersei has other means of persuading you...