25 Kids Who Know The Secret To Happiness

Looks like it’s time to start making some life changes.

1. Becoming leader of the pack.

2. Traveling to new and exotic lands!

4. And more bubbles.

5. Finding a career that’s fulfilling.

6. Being open about who you really are: a dragon.

7. Making cookies without burning the house down!

8. A hug from an elephant.

9. Feeling the slimey insides of a carved pumpkin.

10. Being direct about your feelings.

11. A fluffy cat.

12. Taking a tricycle out for a spin while dressed as a unicorn.

16. A good LOL with your camel bestie.

17. Cake and ice cream, duh.

18. Reveling in the feel of sand between your fingers.

19. Just being a happy little Buddha.

20. Brightening someone’s day by giving them freshly picked flowers.

21. Confirming that the people around you have good dental hygiene.

22. Catching an epic wave with a Fabio look-alike.

23. Having the hottest beach ride around.

24. Being the world’s youngest fireman.

25. Slipping and sliding without fear of the consequences.

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