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    24 Things Nerds Do Better Than You

    It's geeks for the win!

    1. Oven mitts and matching cookies.

    2. Sports.

    Quidditch > Football

    3. Nesting dolls.

    Bonus points: They also keep the ghosts away. Not that you're afraid of no ghosts, or anything...

    4. Accent pillows.

    Doctor Who fans can snuggle up to this fella for $30.

    5. House Lannister cupcakes.

    6. Actually, just cakes in general.

    Who wants an Adventure Time slice of Jake?!

    7. Double entendre baby bibs.


    9. Tweeting about owning jerk faces.

    10. Chef aprons.

    11. Pez dispensers that double as a USB.

    12. Workin' it pumps.

    13. Ice cube trays.

    14. Gingerbread houses.

    Or, like, the spacecraft Serenity in gingerbread form.

    15. Phone cases.

    16. Wearing hairy slippers and giving zero effs.

    17. Snuggies.

    18. Carving pumpkins into masterpieces.

    19. Taking out the trash.

    20. Ear bling.

    21. Marriage proposals.

    I think the ruined Harry Potter book is worth the cute factor. Plus, it's an excuse to buy another one.

    22. Toast.

    23. Epic nail art.

    24. Keeping solicitors away.