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    24 Romantic Movie Moments That Will Never Happen In Real Life

    Warning: This may crush all of your hopeless romantic dreams. Proceed with caution.

    24. There won't be a world in which cutesy lobster dates are possible without the potential for serious injuries.

    23. No one's going to hold you above their head like it's nothing. Unless you're a baby.

    22. One of the most shallow guys in school won't suddenly pull a 180 and decide to be with you.

    21. You won't meet your soulmate while staring into a fish tank.

    20. Some cute pervert with a photo booth fetish won't be tracking you down for a fun date.

    19. You're not going to meet a stranger on a train and form a lifelong, lusty bond with them.

    18. You're not going to become famous for kissing a celebrity.

    17. Your stepbrother won't be making out with you for all to see on a grand staircase.

    16. You won't be serenaded by an outcast who has an unbelievably pitch-perfect voice.

    15. You won't get a chance to impress someone over and over again until you get it completely perfect.

    14. No one is going to write you a letter every day for a year, unless they're a total psycho.

    13. You're not going to meet someone who says "As you wish" to each and every one of your insane requests.

    12. Your boss isn't going to come to your house on Christmas morning and profess his love in front of your whole family.

    11. Speaking of Love Actually, your husband's BFF won't be writing love notes to you on giant cards.

    10. Tom Hanks isn't going to trick you into an online relationship while simultaneously wooing you in real life.

    9. You won't see two dudes in three-piece suits wrestling in the middle of the street to win your affections.

    8. A princess isn't going to fall out of a sewer and abandon her fairy-tale life for you.

    7. You and your tween love won't be secretly married by a band of Boy Scouts.

    6. No one's going to buy that you're a 16-year-old high school girl and then fall madly in love with you.

    5. You won't become a romance writer and then live out your wildest fantasies with some monkey man in the jungle.

    4. You won't have a romantic fling with a hot ghost.

    3. A man with scissors for hands won't chop up ice sculptures each winter so you can experience snow in Southern California.

    2. Billy Idol and Adam Sandler won't be allowed to freely move about the cabin to serenade you.

    1. Actually, hold up: You might stand a chance of going on a reality show to win a chance at love.