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24 Perfect Thanksgiving Recipes For Two

Because sometimes the best Thanksgiving is the one where you don't have to share the leftovers with your cousins.

1. You don't need to roast a whole turkey, just go for turkey breast and season with yummy rosemary.

2. To keep turkey thighs moist, roast them in broth (and then cook that broth into a gravy!).

3. For a meatless option, try acorn squash filled with STUFFING.

4. Or if turkey isn't your thing, try a perfect roast chicken.

5. Soak up your gravy with these buttermilk and sea salt biscuits.

6. Cut this recipe for pumpkin cornbread in half and you each get two delicious squares to coat in buttery goodness.

7. You don't need a sweet potato casserole when you have these mashed sweet potatoes with herbed garlic butter.

8. It's hard to improve on plain mashed potatoes, but a homemade Tuscan herb blend absolutely does.

9. How about some truffle mac 'n' cheese?

10. This pumpkin sage alfredo pappardelle with brown butter makes the tastiest side to your turkey.

11. Spice things up with crispy roasted Brussels sprouts in a Thai-style fish sauce glaze.

12. Honey-glazed carrots go great with mashed potatoes. And everything, really.

13. A green bean and feta salad is lighter than a casserole and way less of a hassle to make.

14. Sure, you can get canned cranberry, or you can make your own cranberry apple chutney.

15. This gluten-free and vegan stuffing has a cranberry kick that serves up a little tang with the savory.

16. Or cut the ingredients in half for this savory lentil and mushroom stuffing recipe.

17. Sweeten up your meal with this warm pumpkin chocolate chip cookie!

18. For a lighter treat, these poached pears in a red wine syrup will make your Thanksgiving très chic.

19. These mini pumpkin-ginger cheesecakes are so small you can have more than one (or more than two, even).

20. This gluten-free and vegan pumpkin pie is so cute it's almost hard to eat it, but I will.

21. No need to bake a whole pie, just opt for this apple pie for two with homemade crust.

22. Wash down that turkey with a pumpkin fizz cocktail for two.

23. I can't even handle the idea of pumpkin pie with a maple hot toddy... but I'll do it.

24. Can't spell happiness without "mulled hot apple cider," right?!