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24 Perfect Thanksgiving Recipes For Two

Because sometimes the best Thanksgiving is the one where you don't have to share the leftovers with your cousins.

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1. You don't need to roast a whole turkey, just go for turkey breast and season with yummy rosemary.


This recipe is also paleo-friendly and serves eight people. But cut it in half and you'll have plenty for dinner, plus fantastic leftovers!

4. Or if turkey isn't your thing, try a perfect roast chicken.


Roast chicken is super simple to dress up with seasonings, and will only take you an hour to roast. (Way better than staring at the oven for four hours, right?)

15. This gluten-free and vegan stuffing has a cranberry kick that serves up a little tang with the savory.

19. These mini pumpkin-ginger cheesecakes are so small you can have more than one (or more than two, even).

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Plus they're topped with a pumpkin spice latte whipped cream! Cut the recipe in half and get a yummy six to gorge on.

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