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23 Secrets All Short Girls Will Never Tell You

Our short legs are filled with secrets!

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1. You've 100% bought clothing from the kids' section because YOU CAN.

Oh, and it's $20 cheaper?! DONE. NO SHAME. GIMME THAT THING.

2. When you drive, you have to basically be pressed against the steering wheel to reach the pedals.

... is this legal? HOPE SO.

3. You stand on chairs more than you actually sit on them.

Who needs long legs when I have my chair BFF?

4. And you've jerry-rigged some kind of contraption to help you reach things.

5. You are an honorary ballerina, because you use your tiptoes multiple times a day.

Thank the gods for you, tiptoes!

6. Tables are the enemy, because they're at the same height as your hip.

7. Mirrors for normal-sized people are also the enemy, because #fuckthisshit.

8. You've often thought, "What's it like to have your feet touch the ground?"

But then remembered that swinging your feet around is actually pretty fun, so... win!

9. "Walking" with tall people = a brisk jog for you

10. You've definitely cuffed some jeans, not because you wanted to, but because you HAD TO.

11. You're SCARY GOOD at climbing at home, because it's the easiest way to reach the top shelves.

Also, this is like a form of exercise, right?

12. And you have absolutely no shame about climbing out in public either.

Short Girl Problems. #wholefoods #iJustWantTheOrganicbrand

Kirstina Colonna@KirstinaColonnaFollow

Short Girl Problems. #wholefoods #iJustWantTheOrganicbrand

6:13 PM - 12 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

13. You have no shame about being on a tall person's shoulders to get the best view, because they get to see that shit all the time.

This is about being fair and equal, not your tall comfort problems, OK?!

14. You've definitely used your entire body to get something out of the bottom of a washing machine before.

Front-loading washers are from heaven and should be in every home. #bantoploaders

15. When you need extra inches, you know who to turn to...

Thank you heels, for putting me on an (almost) equal level as the tall girls. <3

16. You've taken advantage of the fact that being shorter makes you look younger, and you have no regrets.

I trick-or-treated until I was 21. And I think that's OK, because the candy is fun-size and so am I.

17. Normal-length dresses for them = maxi dresses for you

Not actually that bad, to be honest!

18. Other people complain about legroom on planes, but you will never know that struggle.


19. And being compact means that you feel comfortable anywhere, because you're never running out of space.

20. You actually love being the small one in photos, because it makes you stand out.

21. Except when tall people take advantage of the situation and use you as an arm rest.


22. And you absolutely love your tall friends...

23. ... Because they're the ones who can help you get to where you need to go!

(aka the top shelf)

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