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22 Websites That Make Wedding Planning So Much Easier

Because your wedding should be as happy and stress-free as physically possible.

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Searching for venues is probably the most arduous part of the wedding process, because there are just so many components that go into the decision. But Wedding Spot makes the hunt a little easier by offering concise cost breakdowns, beautiful venue photos, a full list of amenities, and a detailed description of the type of setting you'll get. You can also "favorite" a venue, so your best options pop up in the same place! (The site currently doesn't have a way to see whether venues listed are LGBT-friendly, but a spokeswoman said that is coming soon.)

If you're looking for out of the box venues — i.e. a penthouse, loft, or art gallery — then EVENTup is a great resource. They have all of the traditional venue options, plus a whole slew of others you may not have even thought of (and all are broken down by cost, amenities, and location).

Half the fun of planning is thinking about what you want to upgrade when it comes time for the gifts, right?! My Registry is simple, user-friendly, and imports all of your items from multiple registries into one easy-to-pick-from list. (That way your guests don't have to hop from site-to-site when shopping!) And you aren't limited to stores with registries; you can also add items from any online retailer to it. Get more tips for making the most of it (and other registry websites) here.

You'll need to keep track of everyone's addresses when sending out save the dates, invites, bridal shower reminders, and thank you cards. Postable keeps all your contacts in one spot, so you can manage them!

Google docs are probably every couple's little secret. Their spreadsheets are great for organizing actually EVERYTHING. I've used them to organize venues, combine wedding guest lists, and make the all-important decision of how many bridesmaids is tooooo many.

When you need some wedding inspiration that veers from traditional, Offbeat Bride is a great place to start. Their Wedding Porn has all kinds of funky style inspiration, they've got unique DIY ideas, and their "Real Weddings" section never disappoints to amaze. But it's the thoughtful essays and manifestos (like why we should stop describing weddings as "tacky" or why brides just can't win) that you'll find yourself reading again and again.

This is a super option when shopping for bridesmaid dresses, especially if your bridesmaids don't live in the same city! Weddington Way curates looks from the top brands, then sorts them by color so you can see all of the options in one place. Plus, their "Showroom" feature allows you and your bridal party to share, like, and give feedback on different dress options and styles.

If you're looking to make your bridesmaids glam, then Rent The Runway has a ton of amazing designer options that won't break your ladies' bank! The dresses offered come in multiple sizes, and there are photos of people wearing them IRL so you can actually see how they look on before deciding to rent.

Union Station is like Rent The Runway, but exclusively for bridesmaids. That means their dresses are all solid patterns, and come in 18 different colors to complement whatever your wedding theme might be. Their sizes go up to a 16/18 too, and they're aiming to add even more size options.

Wrangling bridesmaids for the bachelorette, bridal shower, and wedding day can be not unlike wrangling cats (i.e. it's tough!). There are so many different schedules to juggle, and that's when Doodle comes into play. Their calendar and poll functions make it easy to share date and time options, so the bridesmaids can vote on what works best for their schedules rather than sending endless texts back and forth.

Thumbtack is an all-around great resource when you need to hire specific people for your wedding, — i.e. a DJ, florist, valet person, etc. The site helps you narrow down what you need by price, date, and location, then has quotes and options emailed to you. Super easy!

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