22 Questions "The Notebook" Left Unanswered

Why is Noah so turned on by bumper cars?!

1. Is Noah turned on by women getting jostled around in bumper cars?

Because it kinda seems like he is…

2. Why does Noah hanging off of a Ferris wheel like a crazy person end up being so charming?

And how many pull-ups are required to develop the core strength to hang from a Ferris wheel?

3. What happened to this poor schmuck? Has he recovered from Allie dumping him mid-date?

4. Where can I buy this ensemble?

5. Is Allie an exhibitionist?

Because I’m pretty sure she just made out with Noah in front of a bunch of randos.

6. Why does Allie’s dad look like Snidely Whiplash?


7. Why is Fin such a cockblock?

8. Ummm… Hi. Where can I find this naked-man room?

9. How was Fin JUST shot, and already he’s buried in snow?

10. Why does Allie always get asked out in really weird ways?

11. Noah PULLS A RIFLE on this nice couple. How is he not arrested??

12. Why does Noah have to be such a dick to poor Martha?

And WHY does she put up with his crap? Oh, right, he’s Ryan Gosling.

13. Why is Noah unable to even function without Allie…

While she’s not only moved on, but seems to be happily celebrating her new engagement?

14. Why are these two manically laughing?

15. …And why does it seem to turn Noah on?

16. More importantly, why wasn’t the entire movie shot in the rain?

17. Did Rachel McAdams’ head actually explode while filming this scene?

Because… URMPH.

18. What the hell did these three talk about over dinner?


19. Isn’t Allie worried about someone seeing her boobs while she paints? And to my point on No. 5, Allie is DEFINITELY an exhibitionist.

20. Ummm… Why is Allie’s mom such a jerkdog?

21. Why does Allie’s mom think this field trip will make her feel better?

And she’s basically admitting that she regrets everything about her marriage to Allie’s dad.

22. And WHO the hell let these onion ninjas in?! The tears… They just keep coming.

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