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    21 Vintage Easter Cards That Will Totally Creep You Out

    It's absolutely encouraged to send these to your enemies, though.

    1. The card of two adorable brothers sitting on the lap of a monster with ears.

    2. The card that shows an army of bunnies firing off the eggs of their enslaved chicken.

    3. The card of three new BFFs: a bunny, a German soldier, and an Austro-Hungarian infantryman.

    4. The card that shows you exactly what monster is hiding underneath your bed.

    5. The card that features a ghost dad.

    6. The card that turns Easter into a cult of dancing bunnies donning eggshell attire.

    7. The card that makes you wonder who exactly cracked those eggs...

    8. The card that shows you how to turn the Easter bunny into a hard worker.

    9. The card that's like a Satyr, except half-bunny, half-creepy girl.

    10. Is that blood in the bunny's eyes?

    11. The card that makes your half-chicken half-umbrella wielding woman nightmares a reality.

    12. Dear Easter bunny, why are you bleeding and should we call the police?!

    13. The card that reveals what you don't want to see as part of your Easter egg hunt.

    14. The card that serves as a PSA for why we need stricter gun laws.

    15. The card that proves frogs and bees are total bullies.

    16. The card that reminds you that drowning inside an enormous egg this Easter is a real threat.

    17. The card that reminds you that chicken eggs are where human babies come from.

    18. The card that features a chick looking on as his sibling is tossed in a frying pan.

    19. The card that makes you wonder why that young girl feels the need to cover the Easter bunnies eyes.

    20. The card that makes you wonder where they got those chicken costumes.

    21. And the card that proves the character of Hannibal Lecter was inspired by this holiday.