21 Things You Always See On Your Former High School Friend’s Facebook

It just makes that high school reunion all the more appealing, right?!

1. Evidence that they didn’t pay much attention while in high school.

3. Baby announcements that are heavy on the posing.

Your “bun” looks funny.

4. And using those future babies as their FB profile photos.

5. Actually, just baby posts in general.

6. Vaguely homophobic comments.

7. Massive use of the Yearbook Yourself app.

But, hey, if you want to try it out… No judgement!

8. Status updates that would be better off as a text.

9. Aggressively religious posts IN ALL CAPS.


11. Photos that reveal exactly where they are in life.

And usually, it’s not that far off from where they were in high school.

12. Posts that are meant to have deep meaning, but fail.

13. An emoticon with no actual context.

14. Or a vague post that’s clearly about issues they’re currently dealing with.

15. Questions that just make you wonder what happened to them in life.

16. Posts where a hashtag is used. And it really, really shouldn’t be.

18. Checking in at each and every single stop on the road of life.

19. Sharing Someecards and tagging everyone they know.

20. Posts that are cries for attention.

Wait…so you want me to ask you what’s wrong, right? Is that what this is? OK, cool, what’s wrong now?

21. And posting Throwback Thursday photos…on Friday.

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