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    21 Magical Moments All Female Friends Experience

    Seriously, how do we keep dressing EXACTLY the same?

    1. When you call your friend and she says, "I was just about to call you!"

    That is awesome! We are witches... :-o

    2. When you agree to meet somewhere and show up wearing almost the same exact thing.

    It's not easy for us BOTH to look this good, but we do.

    3. Going out to eat and knowing that you'll be able to eat half of whatever your friend orders.

    Bravo / Via

    You're getting the flatbread pizza? Awesome, I'll get the angel hair pasta and we'll split. BEST DINNER EVER.

    4. The ~magic~ that is a ladies night spent indoors, together, and with lots of food and wine.

    Literally no better feeling in the world.

    5. When you go on vacation, and get all giddy just thinking about going home and seeing your BFF.


    6. Or better yet, the wonderful adventure that taking a BFF vacay brings.

    7. Having to go to a party where there are people you hate, but knowing ALL WILL BE OK because your bestie is there.

    8. When you REALLY need to vent, and they instinctively know to come over with wine.

    ABC Studios

    9. The moment you realize that your friend has met someone who will make her so insanely happy.

    Not as happy as she is with you, but still. Happy.

    10. When you're out with your friend and you're having so much fun that you actually lose track of time.

    Is it tomorrow already? How the fuck did that happen?

    11. When your friend gets you EXACTLY what you wanted for your birthday without you having to say a word.

    12. When you tell them a ~lady~ secret and know it's totally safe.

    Screen Gems

    13. The strange and mystical time that is being on the same cycle as your friend.

    ABC Family

    Do you have a tampon? OF COURSE YOU DO, THIS IS GREAT. Let's go eat things.

    14. How whenever you feel like complete and utter shit, they're always the first ones to try and perk you up.

    15. Giving your friend THE LOOK when someone you hate walks in, and knowing she'll promptly leave with you.

    Universal Pictures


    16. Knowing you don't have to censor yourself or worry about being unladylike.

    17. The first time you're able to be total goofballs together, and all the times after that.

    18. How your friend is able to improve your day even with just a simple text!

    19. Feeling completely free to get sloppy together and know that you'll both take care of each other.


    Just drag me out by my hair when I start talking about ~THINGS~.

    20. When you both are successful in your careers and can just sit back, like bosses, and enjoy the ride.


    21. And when you OFFICIALLY promise to be there for each other no matter fucking what.

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