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    Posted on May 1, 2013

    20 People Whose Poor Life Choices Will Make You Feel Better

    Seriously, things could be a lot worse.

    1. The student who needs to study more.

    2. The kid who wore flip-flops and shorts during a blizzard.

    3. The news anchor who chose a dress that matched the green screen.

    4. The small business owner who named their shop "Glory Hole."

    5. The chick who got this tattoo.

    6. The couple who took this cutesy photo.

    7. The woman who should really iron her shirt before posing for photos.

    8. The kid who decided to let his friend jump on a skateboard while he held it.

    9. The pregnant bunny who posed like this.

    10. The grandson who probably should've thought more about these selfies.

    11. And the girl who took this selfie pre-funeral.

    12. The new gym member who chose to hop on the treadmill with a workout ball.

    13. The domestic abuse charity that chose this battery aisle as their backdrop.

    Poor decision.

    14. The Tour de France hopeful who hasn't heard of gravity.

    15. The driver who parked here.

    16. Florida teens, in general.

    17. The competitive roach eater.

    RIP, bro.

    18. This hoarder.

    19. The man who went to the carnival and all he got was this lousy banana.

    And absolutely zero dollars.

    20. And pretty much anything Amanda Bynes does ever.

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