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    20 People Who Are So Totally Over This S#%t

    It's all pretty understandable, right?

    1. Bill Murray is so over this golf club that he can't even hold it.

    Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

    2. This baby bunny is so over swinging that he's given up on life.

    3. This lady is so over the conversation next to her that she doesn't know whether to smile or grimace.

    4. This guy is terrifyingly over this shit.

    5. Siri is totally over small talk.

    6. This girl is so over selfish adults copying her all-white style and stealing her baseballs.

    7. This guy is so over nerf guns not being an acceptable accessory.

    8. Michelle is so over the sound of John Boehner's voice.

    9. This guy is seriously so over sharing with bears.

    10. The Starbucks employee who just wants to take a phone call without making any more of your flavored shit.

    11. This guy is so over that bitch who won't accept his faux fur hat.

    12. Jinkx Monsoon is so over these queens not appreciating her eye makeup that she might vomit. Or cry. Or both.

    13. While this other queen, Alyssa Edwards, is so over it that she's turning to tulle for comfort.

    14. And this queen, Vivienne Pinay, is just over everyone being over it.

    15. This guy is really over people forsaking manners for glory.

    16. This girl is so over muppet photobombs.

    17. This guy is so over this homework shit.

    18. This security guard is so over cosplay.

    19. This mom is over her daughter's awful dancing.

    20. And Daniel Radcliffe is so over other people's juggling skills that he just ninja chopped this poor guy's dreams.

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