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    Posted on May 7, 2013

    19 Totally Hygienic Foodbaths

    Dim the lights, flip on the Celine Dion, and fill your tub with Cheetos. This isn't amateur hour, folks.

    1. Cheese balls.

    2. Strawberries, like a BOSS.

    3. Boiled peanuts.

    4. Fresh waffles with a little maple syrup drizzle.

    5. Hamburgers.

    6. Popcorn and a champagne glass.

    7. Wild Berry Skittles.

    8. Doritos.

    9. Chocolate, and you can smear it on your face.

    10. Trail mix.

    11. So much spaghetti that you have to put it in a kiddie pool.

    12. Donuts, delicious, glazed, and frosted doughnuts.

    13. Beer, if you're on a liquid diet.

    Yes, beer is a food group in my mind, deal with it.

    14. Ramen noodles.

    15. Milk and cereal.

    16. Colorful Fruit Loops.

    17. Honey Nut Cheerios!

    Though the original recipe works just as well.

    18. Ice cream and sundae toppings!

    19. And buckets of KFC fried chicken.

    Did I say "hygienic"? I meant "fun." Whoops...