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    19 Reasons California's Drought Isn't A Big Deal

    Seriously, what's the problem here?

    Why is everyone freaking out about this drought in California?

    1. I don't see a problem here.

    2. It'll be like a fun, see-how-long-you-can-survive kind of adventure!

    3. There's really nothing to get upset about.

    4. Like, I don't get why this fruit isn't appetizing.

    5. One year is a long time, when you think about it.

    6. Lake Tahoe doesn't look soooo bad.

    7. And this is still totally a lake.

    8. Actually, this waterfront view is really spectacular, when you think about it.

    9. Same, yeah.

    10. Who needs a boat anyhow?

    11. Not seeing a problem with this crisp March weather.

    12. Again, what's the big deal here?

    13. And increased risk of wildfires? Pshhh. Walk in the park!

    14. See? No biggie!

    15. Honestly, water is totally overrated.

    16. Like, who needs it?

    17. I'm just still not understanding what the fuss is all about.

    18. Swimming is boring, to be honest.

    19. And besides, who needs a swimming hole when you can have a dust hole?

    Remember: There's no need to worry about California's pesky drought.