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    19 Photos Of Dogs Being Adorable During The Blizzard

    The snow never bothered these dogs anyway.

    1. This dog who has zero regrets about sticking his face in the snow.

    2. These three pals who are making a path through the snow together.

    3. This pup who says, "Go in NOW? Are you serious?"

    4. This prancing corgi.

    5. This tiny dude who has a whole new fur coat.

    6. This proud dog who just wants to hold her own against the forces of nature.

    7. This dog who can't get enough of the taste of snowflakes.

    8. This little guy who's having his first snow day.

    9. This guy who knows his teeth are chattering, but isn't willing to call it quits just yet.

    10. This Frenchie who just wants to go out ONE. MORE. TIME...Please.

    11. And this dog, who may have found her own little slice of paradise.

    12. This happy gal who can't help but smile to herself.

    13. These two who aren't sure what to make of this "snow" thing, but at least they have each other.

    14. This bro who didn't bother checking the weather and is, quite frankly, alarmed by this "unexpected" blizzard.

    15. This lady who actually cannot contain her joy rn.

    16. This fashionista who has honestly been counting down the days to bust out these boots.

    17. This pup who knows life is a slide, and it's time to ride it.

    18. This bulldog, who's pleading to stay out just a littttle longer.

    19. And this dog who has to close his eyes because the flakes are just so...magnificent.