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    19 Absurd Zombie Books We Should All Read

    Step aside, Zombie Survival Guide, these books may have you beat.

    1. The zombie book that makes Jesus a badass with a baseball bat.

    Take that, God's undead creatures!

    2. The zombie book that will make you question everything.

    You'll never look at mom the same way again.

    3. The zombie book that kind of makes you want a zombie pet, because it's kind of cute, actually.

    4. The zombie book that makes Quentin Tarantino look like a pussy.

    5. The zombie book that's confusingly sexy (maybe?).

    Undead lady bits...?

    6. The zombie book that's making Shakespeare roll over in his grave with envy.

    To feed, or not to feed: that is the question.

    7. The zombie book that likely starts with "Once upon a time, a beautiful princess locked in a tower tried to escape so she could eat your brains out."

    8. The book filled with the type of zombies everyone can agree need to be destroyed.

    9. The zombie book that will make you a chiller person, even though zombies seem pretty stressed about finding flesh.

    10. The zombie book that makes complete sense.

    11. Do zombie captains exist? The answer is in this book, along with recipes for mai tais.

    12. Hint: Start moaning.

    13. The zombie book that people who hate clowns will love.

    14. The title says it all, really.

    15. The zombie book you'll want to read to your children's children's children.

    16. The new zombie holiday classic that everyone can sing along with!

    17. The zombie books that are perfect for bathroom reading.

    18. The zombie book that turns a classic tale into something you might want to actually read.

    19. The zombie book that will enrage PETA.

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