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    Realities Only People Who Love Bearded Dragons Understand

    Beardies are better, they just are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. The smile of a bearded dragon can easily melt your cold, dead heart.

    2. Cuddling a bearded dragon is arguably cuter than cuddling with a baby.

    3. And when they wrap around your fingers, time stops and the world becomes a better place.

    4. A conversation with a beardie is never dull.

    5. Beardies are the best because when you're excited, so are they!

    6. And you know the only thing cuter than a beardie is a dog with a beardie.

    7. Except a cat with a beardie, which will make your heart explode into glitter.

    8. Beardies love a good mani.

    9. And they've taught you that a little glitz never hurt anyone.

    10. You've gotten in more TV binge sessions with your beardie than you can count.

    11. And they've definitely taught you a thing or two about the art of gaming.

    12. But probably the best part of having a beardie is how cool they are to just hang at home.

    13. Watching a beardie eat their veggies gives you new health goals.

    14. And how they treat others has given you new friend goals.

    15. A bearded dragon makes an excellent co-pilot.

    16. Mainly because they aren't afraid to tell you to get out of the car and enjoy the sights.

    17. And while a beardie may look a little ferocious to outsiders...

    18. You know they're just big softies on the inside.

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